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The Ultimate Guide to Witches and Wizards Slots


Pop culture surrounding witches, wizards, and magic holds a special place in many of our hearts. Whether you’re a fan of Harry Potter, or simply love the fantasy genre, there’s no denying the appeal. Join us to discover some of the best online witches and wizards slots, what you might win, and the kind of bonuses you can expect.

Witches and Wizards Slots Description and History

It’s difficult to say when the first witch and wizard slots first started appearing online as the theme is intertwined with traditional fantasy games. However, like many of the most popular genres, it was definitely one of the first to hit the scene and has gripped players ever since.

These types of slots tend to have a huge variety of themes, graphics, and styles given the game creators are limited only by their imaginations. This is good for the player as it means you’ll never be bored and can always head to another narrative adventure at any time.

Most slots these days follow a standard five-reel setup and you’ll find free spins, multiplier bonuses, and a collection of different symbols used as wilds and scatters. Most are fairly straightforward to get to grips with, but there are some that have thousands of winning paylines and more complicated rules.

Why Are Witches and Wizards Slots So Popular Among Online Players?

Witches and wizards are so popular because they capture the imagination, and who hasn’t dreamed of having magical powers at some point? The genre provides the perfect form of escapism and this is no different when it comes to slots.

Players aren’t just gambling cash but can enjoy the sights, sounds, and stories of different games as they bet. Plus, judging by the number of new releases each year, we don’t see any sign of the industry slowing down any time soon.

Witches and Wizards Slots Average Return to Player (RTP)

The return to player rate (RTP) represents how much a game will pay out based on the amount gambled. For example, an RTP of 95% means the machine will dispense £95 in prizes for every £100 gambled. Most witch and wizard slots tend to hover around the industry average of about 96%. There is, of course, a degree of variance and you’ll have to check each game before you play.

Types of Witches and Wizards Slots

  • Three-reel classic - The three-reel game was the first-ever type of slot machine invented, and while it’s becoming less popular these days, you can still find a few good options out there. These types of slots usually have just a few winning paylines and are very simple to learn. You might want to check out Alchemist’s Spell as an intro to the type
  • Five-reel - A step up from the three-reel game that adds an additional two reels to play with. Most modern games come in this format and there are plenty of new games coming out every year. Some of these slots can have thousands of winning paylines, interesting bonuses, the chance to win free spins, and more. A couple of popular choices include Magic Portals and Magic Mirrors
  • Progressive - These types of slots are for those willing to play high-risk, high-reward games. Every time a player bets on a spin, a portion of that cash is added to the jackpot, which gets progressively bigger over time. It can sometimes take months, or even years, for the jackpot to be won but it will usually be a significant sum. You might want to check out the aptly named ‘Magic Slots’ game which has been around since the 1990s if you want to try a progressive game
  • Jackpots - Unlike progressive slots, simple jackpot games have fixed prizes and payouts, although these can still be pretty high. You’ll find them to be high volatility games with a low chance of payout though, so bear this in mind before you place any large stakes. There aren’t many that fit into the witches and wizards genre and the game ‘Lucky Halloween’ might be your best bet if you’re searching for one

Best Visual Effects, Sounds, and Graphics in Witches and Wizards Slots

It should be no surprise that witch and wizard slots have some of the best graphics and visual effects in the business. You never know quite what you’re getting into before you play and could be in for a wild ride. Some of the best include:

  • Officially licensed slots - There are a few slots that play directly into pop culture and have fully licensed soundtracks, sound effects, and graphics from big-name franchises like Harry Potter. A little digging around will almost certainly reveal a game connected to your favorite franchise and you can immerse yourself in that world. However, bear in mind these games often have lower RTPs
  • Myths and legends - Join wizards of mythology like Merlin as he does battle at the side of King Arthur, or try some more modern twists on the genre. Either way, these types of narrative slots have crisp graphics, well-designed characters, and engrossing soundtracks to draw you in
  • Fantasy settings - Witches and wizards lend themselves perfectly to any fantasy setting, which means you’ll find plenty of slots with dragons, beasts to slay, and ancient warriors to meet

Witches and Wizards Slots Features, Bonuses, and Free Spins

  • Free spins - Just about every slot game these days will allow you to win free spins, and games about witches and wizards are no different. You’ll need to land on the right symbols first and could win anywhere between 10 and 500 free goes
  • Cascading symbols - This is a relatively new concept in online slots and cascading reels don’t spin but will instead fall down gradually, replacing symbols below them. This leads to some great chances to land winning paylines
  • Multipliers - Another very common bonus type, multipliers will boost your win by a set amount. The most common ones are between 2x and 10x, but some slots can go all the way up to 10,000x your initial stake
  • Narrative slots - Some witches and wizards games will have a story to tell. These narrative slots are much more like video games and might have some cut scenes and other videos to enjoy as you play

Tips on Playing Witches and Wizards Slots

You won’t find a single winning system to apply to witches and wizards slots, and we’d advise you to stay away from any websites promising guaranteed wins. The random nature of slots means you have to think tactically. However, some tips to boost your odds include:

  • Proper bankroll management - Always set a gambling budget with a clear limit. Never go over this, never chase losses, and quit while you’re ahead
  • Look for high RTP - The higher the RTP, the better. Casinos should have this clearly marked on all games and those with good RTP rates will pay out much more often
  • Make smaller, more consistent bets - Try not to place huge bets too often. You’re more likely to win over the long-term with small, consistent payments
  • Use bonus offers - When you sign up to a casino make sure you make use of any free spins or bonus cash you receive

Top 10 Best Witches and Wizards Slots

  1. Dungeons and Dragons - Based on the popular role-playing game, Dungeons and Dragons immerses you in a world of witches, wizards, and mythical beasts. Fans of the game will find a lot to enjoy and newcomers can pick it up easily enough. It’s an older game, launched in 2013, but it remains one of the most popular. With five reels and 30 paylines, it’s straightforward and engaging. The RTP is 94.4%
  2. Harry Potter - Everyone has heard of Harry Potter and with a legion of fans behind the series it’s clear to see why the officially licensed slot machine is so popular. All of the symbols are based on characters from the series with Harry himself acting as a wild symbol. The RTP is around 94%
  3. Witchcraft Academy - This popular slot by NetEnt is something of an homage to the Harry Potter series. It has similar themes and art styles but comes packed with more bonuses than you can shake a stick at. The elements bonus is particularly interesting and puts players in a room full of vases and they have to choose which of their elemental spells to cast on each one. It’s a fun twist that makes the game more interactive. The RTP is 96.38%
  4. Merlin’s Millions - One of the many games to bear the name of the famous wizard, Merlin’s Millions might not quite net you a seven-figure sum, but it does have some impressive payouts. As you can tell from the name, this is a light-hearted game with a cartoonish style to it. It has 50 paylines and an RTP of 95.08%
  5. The Magic Cauldron: Enchanted Brew - Witches get to take center stage here as you help a coven cook up some interesting potions. The game uses a large 7 x 7 grid meaning there are thousands of different paylines. It uses the cascading reels feature and you can see wins of up to 5,000x your initial bet. The RTP is 96.44%
  6. Blirix Workshop - One of the newer entries to our list, Blirix Workshop puts you in control of Blirix, a magician that is experimenting with various spells in his workshop. The design is definitely fantasy-inspired and offers expanding wilds, free spins, and a book of spells round that triggers various multiplier bonuses. Maximum payouts aren’t huge, but the game is a pretty consistent payer with an RTP of 96%
  7. Diamond Queen - The Diamond Queen of this game is an evil sorceress out for world domination. It’s up to you to put a stop to these nefarious plans in this easy-to-learn game with 20 winning paylines. What really makes this slot stand out is the huge betting limits which range between 20p and an incredible £600 per spin. While fans of high stakes will want to give it a try, we’d recommend not placing too many of the maximum bets. The RTP is 96.08%
  8. Lord Merlin and the Lady of the Lake - The second Merlin game to make our list this slot is a much more traditional take on the legend with beautiful artwork and an understated class to it. It’s well-known for its multiplier bonuses and you could max out at 10,000x your stake if you’re really lucky. The Excalibur feature can see you stacking up free spins alongside a number of wilds and scatter symbols to be found. The RTP is 96.20%
  9. Houdini - Based on the escapades of real-life magician Harry Houdini, this game sees some of his greatest escapes recreated in slot form. It’s another game that could see you potentially 10,000x your bet, although this is an incredibly rare occurrence. What really makes the game stand out are its quirky bonus rounds, in one of them you’ll need to free Houdini from various traps to win more cash, and in another, you’ll be involved in a knife-throwing contest for free spins. The RTP is 96.27%
  10. Red Wizard - Our final entry is Red Wizard, which has four set jackpots to be won. These range between 20x and 2,400x your stake but the vast majority of wins will be much lower as it’s a very high volatility game. It’s a great choice for risk-takers and the RTP is a little higher than the industry average at 96.49%

Some Other Popular Slots Themes

If witches and wizards don’t quite grab your attention you might want to try out some of these other slot genres:

  • Vintage
  • Fruit
  • Casino
  • Ancient Egypt
  • Vikings
  • Adventure
  • Animals
  • Movies
  • Retro
  • Jewels
  • Space
  • Wild West
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