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Sun & Moon Slots – A Thorough Review


A lot of ancient civilizations have given a big importance to the Sun & Moon duality. The brightest star in our galaxy and the fascinating astronomical body have attracted millions of people for centuries. This is why, in this review, we will talk about Sun & Moon slots, their history, features, bonuses, and we will offer you examples of some of the best slot games.

Sun & Moon Slots Description and History

Historically speaking, throughout the centuries, the sun and the moon have been central parts of numerous myths, legends, and even personifications of religious figures. Sometimes, they were seen as star-crossed lovers or representations of gods, like the Egyptian god Ra.

As the most important star for planet Earth, the Sun is sure to be attractive for people. So attractive, in fact, that numerous slot games have been created around this theme.

When it comes to the moon, things are even more mysterious. There have been rumors about alien civilizations living there watching us. Like the sun, it has been at the center of legends and stories and it has sparked a lot of interest and controversy over the decades. Slot games have not fallen behind and have turned the moon into one of the most popular game themes ever.

Why Are Sun & Moon Slots So Popular Among Online Players?

The reason why Sun & Moon slots are popular is their gorgeous graphics and visual effects. The light and dark duality is very interesting to display in a game and players usually find themselves mesmerized. Plus, the classic slot symbols are replaced with specific ones like planets, stars, and galaxies.

Another interesting fact is that you don’t have to play a slot game that has the Sun and Moon duality included as a whole. Countless slot games deal with either one or the other. Regardless of your choice, Sun & Moon slots are certainly incredibly popular due to the graphics and overall feeling they offer to each player.

Sun & Moon Slots Average Return to Player (RTP)

The average return to player percentage for most Sun & Moon slots sits somewhere between 94% and 96%. However, you should not take these values too seriously because, considering the variety of these types of slots, the RTP can certainly differ.

Volatility is also a very important technical aspect that all players should check. In short, low volatility brings about smaller but frequent jackpots while high volatility brings about larger but less frequent ones.

Types of Sun & Moon Slots

  • Basic 3-reels: This is the most basic type of slot game and the one that started it all back when these games were only being played in physical casinos. It only has three reels, as the name suggests, and the simplest slot game that you can play. Also, it’s recommended for beginners and there are a lot of Sun & Moon slots that use this playing style
  • 5-reels: Five-reels or video slots, as they are also known as, represent a step up from the 3-reel ones as they are digital and do not require any handles or anything similar. This type of slot game is also the most popular among players regardless of their prior gambling experience. They also offer more winning chances because they have more pay lines. Most Sun & Moon slots are built like this
  • 6 and 7-reels: If we want to take it up a notch, these types of slots can be considered a bit more complicated. However, they are recommended if you wish for a faster playing experience and more excitement overall. These also offer a lot more chances of winning thanks to their numerous bonuses
  • Jackpot slots: Finally, Jackpot slots or progressive slots are also very popular and that’s mostly because of their continuously growing jackpot. This happens with each player’s wager because a small part of it goes to the common jackpot. Its name suggests that the more people join in, the bigger the win.

Best Visual Effects, Sounds, and Graphics in Sun & Moon Slots

  • Light and Dark visual effects: If you want to play Sun & Moon slots you should be prepared to witness a very interesting visual duality of light and dark. Sun-themed slots are usually very bright and colorful while the moon-themed ones are darker and more mysterious. These visual effects are guaranteed to draw you in and keep you playing for hours upon hours
  • Beautiful graphics: The graphics of these Sun & Moon slots are also incredibly beautiful and that’s due to the symbols and possibilities that these two themes offer. Regardless if they are 2D or 3D, the colors and the overall experience that these graphics offer are one of a kind
  • Calming sound effects: Most Sun & Moon slots offer calming sound effects to the players so that they can focus but also relax while playing them. This special soundtrack can contribute to the success of the players and make them release any prior stress that they may have.

Sun & Moon Slots Features, Bonuses, and Free Spins

  • Bonuses: Most types of slot games have a lot of bonuses that players can use to their advantage. Sun & Moon slots are no different and the best thing that you can do is to profit from them. Things like extra quests, instant wins, free spins, or scatters are all very helpful bonuses
  • Scatters: Speaking of scatters, these are types of slot bonuses that appear in the form of random theme-specific symbols that the players don’t have to align to win. You only have to meet them throughout the game and you will get the prize they bring
  • Free spins: These are the most frequent welcome bonuses that slot games usually offer to new players. They are exactly what their name suggests and allow you to play a game and get used to it without placing a wager. However, it’s interesting that you can hit even the big jackpot via free spins because they work exactly like paid ones.

Tips When Playing Sun & Moon Slots

  • Always use the bonuses: Using the bonuses that Sun & Moon slots offer to you is one of the best things that you can do. Never ignore them because they can even make you rich. They are there to help you out and draw you in and it’s a big mistake to begin a new slot game by blindly putting wagers in. Also, look out for scatters, instant wins, or extra missions to increase your chances of winning
  • Don’t put in very large wagers: You should never put in large wagers unless you afford to lose that money. A game of slots is risky and you should always know your limits and where to stop in case things don’t go as planned. Many people have lost their fortunes like this and it’s one of the most dangerous traps that you can fall in
  • The RTP and volatility matter a lot: Last but not least, it’s extremely important to look at the slot game’s RTP and volatility level before deciding to play it. Like everyone else, you probably want to win so playing a game that doesn’t have a favorable RTP is in vain. The volatility is also important so don’t forget to also take a look at that.

Top 10 Best Sun & Moon Slots

  1. Sun and Moon – This slot game is obviously based on a sun and moon theme and the two Aztec pyramids with the same name. It has an RTP of 94.98%, 20 pay lines, and is built on a five-reel structure. It has a huge number of symbols that are sun and moon-specific and beautiful 2D graphics
  2. Under the Fifth Sun – This is a slot game based on an ancient Aztec legend according to which humans are living under the fifth sun and that there are more in the universe. It has an RTP of 95.52%, 25 pay lines, and is based on a 5-reels system. It has unique symbols painted in vibrant 2D colors and a wide range of bonuses like free spins, multipliers, and wild symbols
  3. Solar King – This is one of those sun-themed slot games that amaze with its graphics and Ancient Egypt-inspired symbols. You will follow the story of a religious pharaoh while taking advantage of its 5-reels playing style, 20 pay lines, and 95.45% RTP. Besides all the basic available bonuses, this game also comes with scatters and an autoplay option
  4. South of the Border – In this sun-themed slot game, you will get to be part of an exciting adventure taking place under the Mexican sun. Its graphics are colorful and cartoonish, for those who enjoy this type of game, and its RTP is 96.50%. It is based on a 5-reels system with 25 pay lines and a collection of symbols depicting piñatas, tortillas, cactuses, etc
  5. Charterrejsen – As weird as this slot game’s name may sound, it comes from Danish and it means “charter journey”. So, be prepared to take a trip to sunny places and play a bright and funny slot game. It has an RTP of 94.17%, a 5-reels playing style, and 20 pay lines for you to enjoy
  6. Beach Slot – As its name suggests,in this game, you are playing slots on the beach under the bright sun. Its graphics are very colorful and cartoon-like and the game’s symbols are reminiscent of various items that are usually found in the sand. It has an RTP of 96.80%, 5 reels, and 20 pay lines
  7. Mr. Green Moonlight – This is a different kind of moon-themed slot game in the sense that you’re playing as a man hunting down the werewolf who killed his wife. Everything is taking place in 19th Century London and players will become fascinated with its gorgeous dark graphics. It has an RTP of 96.70%, 5 reels, and 20 pay lines
  8. It Came From the Moon – With an RTP of 95.12%, 20 pay lines, and 5 reels, this slot game focuses on the story of a possible alien invasion. The players will have to defend our planet at all costs in a game full of adventures, bonuses, and cool symbols
  9. Medallion Megaways – This slot game has a 6-reels playing style, 46,656 pay lines, and an RTP of 96.23%. It’s based on the sun and moon duality as you can see from the inside of a tent placed somewhere in a desert in Africa. It has lots of bonuses and its graphics are colorful and pretty
  10. Mystic Moon – Last but not least, these Sun & Moon slots have an RTP of 96.50%, 5 reels, and 10 pay lines and are based on witchcraft practiced under the full moon. Its graphics are 2D but incredibly enchanting and it has lots of magic-centered symbols like owls, the moon, letters, and numbers.

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