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The Ultimate Guide to Magical Mystical Slots


People have always been fascinated with the unknown and the mysterious - tales of magical fantasy lands will always grip the imagination. Being such a popular genre, we’ve seen steady growth in fantasy and mystical slots in recent years. Explore just what makes these games so appealing and what kind of features you can expect.

Magical Mystical Slots Description and History

With the advent of online video slots in the 1990s, game designers are able to push the envelope in terms of graphics, visuals, and features. We’ve come a long way from traditional fruit slots and these days you can find all sorts of fantastic tales being told as you spin for the win.

Some draw on popular myths and legends, incorporating dragons, elves, and everything else you’d associate with a fantasy setting, while others develop brand new, original pieces. Most are five-reel games with around 20-30 winning paylines and aren’t too difficult to pick up.

There are a few slots that have some pretty hefty bonuses and multipliers, and a quick search of any online casino should give you a good idea of what to expect.

Why Are Magical Mystical Slots So Popular Among Online Players?

Fantasy lands and magic have always been a staple of modern pop culture and plenty of the themes linked to the genre are instantly recognizable. This means most can jump into mystical slots with no trouble at all and feel right at home.

There are hundreds of different games in the genre with all kinds of different bonuses, wilds, scatters, rules, and visuals, so players never get bored. What’s more, there are slots that are easy for beginners to play as well as complex games with thousands of ways to win, ensuring the genre has something for everyone.

Magical Mystical Slots Average Return to Player (RTP)

With so many different options in the genre, it’s difficult to pin down an overall average. Across the whole online slots industry the RTP is around 96%, and you’ll find plenty of fantasy games that fall in line with this. However, do a little digging and you’ll encounter some slots with better odds, as well as high-risk, high-reward options that have much lower RTP rates.

Types of Magical Mystical Slots

  • Three-reel classic - This is the setup first used by slot machines more than a century ago, and the style has endured so well that we see it in online slots too. Usually a simple 3 x 3 grid, there are a limited number of winning paylines and the games are easy to pick up. There aren’t so many new three-reel games these days but you might want to check out Alkemor’s Tower, God of Fortune, and Demon Jack for some mystical options
  • Five-reel - This is much like its three-reel counterpart but with two additional reels. These games often come with more winning paylines, bigger bonuses, free spins, and more. It’s the most popular type of online slot these days and the majority of new games will often have a 5 x 5 grid. You could check out Golden Goddess, Pixies of the forest, and Secrets of Atlantis if you’d like to try a few
  • Progressive - Progressive slots have jackpots that steadily increase as more people play them. A small portion of every bet wagered will go towards building the pot, often leading to huge payouts when it’s finally won. Don’t get your hopes up, though, as the ultimate jackpots are only won very rarely. In most cases, you’ll be winning much smaller sums of cash. Some progressive mystical progressive slots to try include Will of the Gods, Asgard Deluxe, and Mystical Ball
  • Jackpots - These games have static jackpots that can be won at any time. Like progressive slots, they tend not to pay out very often and are a high-risk, high-reward option for punters that like to live on the edge. Some popular choices include Mighty Griffin Megaways, Dragon Maiden, and Kronos Unleashed

Best Visual Effects, Sounds, and Graphics in Magical Mystical Slots

Players really are spoiled for choice when it comes to fantasy, magical, and mystery slots. With a combination of both licensed and original stories, and a wide range of different artwork, you’re really in for a treat. Some top styles include:

  • Licensed products - If you’re a fan of shows like Game of Thrones, or the Lord of the Rings movies, you’re in luck. Both have officially licensed slots to their names. The games have soaring soundtracks, stunning visuals, and all of your favorite characters to play with. Licensed games tend to have relatively low RTP rates but some players don’t mind as they can immerse themselves in their favorite stories
  • Hand-drawn art - You could try out a game like Dragon’s Myth to enjoy beautiful hand-drawn art. These images wouldn’t be out of place on the cover of the best fantasy novels and really go a long way to pulling you into the game
  • Bombastic sound effects - If you’re looking for some audio punch, then the world of mythology often has some great crashing sound effects. For example, Thunderstruck launches you into the world of Norse mythology. The sound of Odin striking down his enemies will certainly make you sit up and take notice

Magical Mystical Slots Features, Bonuses, and Free Spins

With so many games in the genre, you’ll find that magical mystical slots offer just about every feature in the industry. Some of the most common ones you’ll find are:

  • Free spins - One of the most frequently seen types of bonuses in the world of slots, every player will almost certainly be awarded free spins at some point during their gaming session. Simply match the correct symbols to win between five and 500 free goes
  • Paylines - These are the combination of symbols you need to match to get a payout. Some games only have around 10 or 20, while other, more modern slots, can often present you with thousands of ways to win
  • Wilds - Another symbol found across most modern slots, wilds can be used to replace any other symbol in the game, potentially turning a loss into a victory
  • Bonuses - These could be anything from multipliers and extra cash right up to Amazon vouchers in some cases. Make sure to check the prize list before playing

Tips On Playing Magical Mystical slots Slots

We should first say that there’s no guaranteed way to win at slots. Any website that promises this is very likely to be a scam. There are, however, certain tips and tricks you can adopt to boost your odds. Some of the best include:

  • Check the RTP - Try to find those with higher RTP rates as this means the games are more likely to pay out some hard cash
  • Research volatility - Slots with high volatility will pay out infrequently but tend to have much larger prizes when they do. Conversely, low volatility games will do the opposite. Make sure you pick a game to suit your risk appetite and play style
  • Never chase losses - If you’ve gone over your spending limit, you should stop playing. Chasing losses is never a good idea and is usually a sure way to lose even more money. Stick to a budget and never gamble more than you can afford to lose

You can learn more over on our tips and tricks page here.

Top 10 Best Magical Mystical Slots

  1. Dragon’s Myth - You’ll be incredibly impressed by the production values here as you take on the role of a dragon slayer in a far-off land. It has impressive 3D animations and movies as well as a pretty atmospheric soundtrack. You might forget you’re actually playing slots. The game itself is a simple five-reel, three-row offering with 20 paylines, giving it a pick-up-and-play feel. The RTP is 96.01%
  2. Finn and the Swirly Spin - A much more light-hearted take on the fantasy genre, this game takes you to Ireland to join the adventures of a plucky leprechaun named Finn. It’s a high variance game, meaning it’d suit players that want to take more of a risk. There are plenty of free spins and bonus rounds to grab your attention too. The RTP is 96.62%
  3. Nordic Heroes - Nordic Heroes puts you in the shoes of two Norse adventurers as they fight their way through the Forest of Fortune to the Sea of Glory. There are plenty of beasts and magical legends from Norse mythology to meet along the way. It has 30 winning paylines and you can build experience through the game to boost your prizes with some wins reaching 30x your initial stake. The RTP is 93.02%
  4. Game of Thrones - The only licensed slot to make our list is based on HBO’s hit TV show of the same name. It has a huge number of features, 243 paylines, potential six-figure jackpots, and the soundtrack, characters, and effects from the TV show. However, payout rates are quite low, and the RTP is just 94%
  5. Age of the Gods - We’re heading to ancient Greece now with Age of the Gods where you’ll get to meet the pantheon of deities from this mythology. It has a progressive jackpot, so you could be in with the chance of some big wins here. Plus, there are plenty of chances to win free spins and other bonus rounds come up pretty regularly too. IT has four static jackpots alongside all of these features and the RTP is 95%
  6. Warlords: Crystals of Power - A great mash-up of different genres including fantasy, samurai, and barbarians. The story is your typical good versus evil struggle and you’ll find 30 different paylines. Tou could net multiplier bonuses up to 6,666x, so it’s always worth a spin. The RTP is an impressive 96.89%
  7. Pixies of the Forest - This beautifully illustrated slot game is a great choice for those looking for low-stakes wagering. Minimum bets are very low so players can get some long sessions in. Plus, the atmosphere is simply charming, making it a surprisingly fun game to play. That being said, payouts are pretty low and the RTP is just 94.9%
  8. Avalon II - Inspired by the legend of King Arthur, Avalon II is the sequel to the hugely popular Avalon made by Games Global. You’ll find interesting features like expanding wilds alongside 10 different bonus rounds. One of the favorites is the Misty Vale round, which gives you 15 free spins and an extra wild symbol on every reel. This can sometimes lead to some big wins. What’s more, the game has one of the highest RTP rates of the genre at 97%
  9. Mighty Griffin - Part of the famous Megaways line of slots by Blueprint Gaming, Mighty Griffin is a classic take on medieval fantasy. It has a surprisingly vibrant color scheme and the game is centered around a mighty castle. Like other Megaways games, you’ll find six reels and 117,649 different ways to win alongside a progressive jackpot and a number of free spin bonuses. The RTP is 95.46%
  10. Medusa - In our second foray into Greek mythology on the list, this time we’re meeting the infamous Gorgon, Medusa. It’s a slightly more serious take on the genre than some of the other games above, so Medusa is a good choice for those that are looking for a little more atmosphere from their gaming session. Medusa herself is the key to most bonuses, but landing on three Pegasus symbols will net you a 50x win. The RTP is 95.42%

Some Other Popular Slots Themes

If fantasy, magic, and mystery aren’t really your cup of tea, there are plenty of other slot theses to try out. Some of the best include:

  • Pirates
  • Wild West
  • Casino
  • Animals
  • Egyptian
  • Fishing
  • Fruit
  • Mafia
  • Jungle
  • Aztec
  • Retro
  • Adventure
  • Sports
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