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The Ultimate Guide to Mafia Slots


It’s not hard to see why the mafia has held such sway over pop culture through the decades. The seedy criminal underworld offers the chance for excitement, thrills, and danger. The world of online slots is no different and mafia-themed games have been a staple of the industry since the very first machines came online in the mid-1990s.

Mafia Slots Description and History

Mafia-themed slots have always been a popular niche and you can usually find at least one or two games at just about any online casino. It’s a genre that lends itself well to interesting characters, narrative games, and atmospheric music and sound effects.

Some of the most common slots you’ll find are set in prohibition America during the 1920s, but you’ll also find an officially licensed Godfather game too. For those looking for something a little more modern, you might want to check out the Soprano’s slot which is based on the HBO cult classic of the same name.

Some players find the chance to act out the role of a mafia don just too irresistible which is why the industry is always making new games each year. They say crime doesn’t pay, but we don’t think these slots are going anywhere anytime soon so why not try them out for a chance to win big.

Are Mafia Slots So Popular Among Online Players?

Most players that gravitate towards mafia slots do so because the games are just so accessible. You’d be hard-pressed to find someone that isn’t familiar with the themes, tropes, cliches, and characters from the mafia as shown in pop culture.

This familiarity puts players at ease and means they can jump into games without too much prior research. Plus, these slots can often have quite compelling narrative stories attached as well as a range of fun and interesting bonuses.

Mafia Slots Average Return to Player (RTP)

It can be difficult to give an overall average across all Mafia slots as the genre has such diversity to it. Generally, we’ve found that many games tend to sit around the 95% - 96% mark which is around the industry average.

Every online casino you visit will display the RTP of the slot and it’s always worth checking out the volatility too. Low volatility means frequent, but small, payouts, while high volatility will have reduced, but larger, jackpots.

Types of Mafia Slots

  • Three-reel classic - This is a very common type of slot machine and many mafia games utilize this setup. It’s an incredibly simple three-reel game, usually with three of five rows. Match up the winning symbols as denoted by the paylines of the game and you’ll receive a cash prize. This style is becoming less popular these days, however, and we’re seeing a growth in other types of slot
  • Five-reel games - Very similar to the three-reel option but this has an additional two reels. Most newer games you see will be five-reel versions these days as they add an extra layer of complexity and more ways for players to win. Plus, these generally have more bonus options and the chance to win additional free spins
  • Progressive - This type of game gradually adds to a bonus pot each time you play. All users that play this game will be contributing to the overall prize pot. These steady increases are what give this slot type its name too. You’ll need to be incredibly lucky to bag the jackpot, but it will often be five figures. Unfortunately, we don’t see too many Mafia slots with progressive jackpot options
  • Jackpots - As you might have guessed by the name, these slots are all about big jackpots. These differ from progressive games in that other players don’t contribute to the pot and the jackpot doesn’t get bigger over time. Instead, you might win one-off prizes that are much larger than regular wins. Again, you tend not to find too many mafia-themed jackpot games

Best Visual Effects, Sounds, and Graphics in Mafia Slots

  • Classic soundtracks - There’s no movie soundtrack quite as iconic as the Godfather, and you’ll be able to hear the best of it when you play the officially licensed slot game. That’s not all, other licensed games like Scarface and The Sopranos come with official soundtracks, voice lines, and memorable quotes too
  • Engaging characters - Meet mob bosses, molls, corrupt cops, thieves, and famous gangsters from history as you play through the variety of games the genre has to offer. Mafia slots tend to have more varied casts of characters than other types of games too
  • Mob-themed artwork - In some games the traditional royal symbols of 10, jack, queen, king, and ace have been replaced with stunning hand-drawn images of 1920s gangsters. Many other mafia slots have modern graphics too with easy-to-use interfaces and you’ll never have trouble finding a game to grab your attention
  • Twists on the genre - In an attempt to differentiate games from those of the competition, software companies are always trying to come up with new twists on the genre. For example, you might want to try the ‘Dogfather’ which combines lovable pooches with the world of organized crime. If it sounds a little crazy to you we’d recommend giving it a try first to see how fun it is

Mafia Slots Features, Bonuses, and Free Spins

Most mafia slots come with some pretty standard features that you’ll find across most other genres with one or two little extras. Some common ones include:

  • Free spins - Just about every slot machine will have free spins available. It’s the most common type of bonus and you’ll usually net between five and 20 free spins once you land on the correct symbols
  • Paylines - These are the series of winning combinations of symbols for each game. Many slots have around 20-30 paylines but some larger games can have thousands of different winning combinations
  • Volatility - The more volatile a game is, the less likely it is to pay out. However, it does mean you could win bigger jackpots when you do. You should always check a slot’s volatility before you play
  • Multiplier bonuses - These bonuses will multiply your current win by a certain amount. At the lower end, this could boost your pot by 2x or 10x but the biggest slots can boost your winnings by thousands of times

Tips on Playing at Mafia Slots

Since each Mafia slot has a random chance of winning you’ll never know exactly what the payout will be. This means that there isn’t one strategy to guarantee victory. However, you can follow this general advice below to boost your odds:

  • Stick to a budget - It’s vital you never spend more than you can afford to lose and don’t go over a set gaming limit. Many casinos will let you put a lock on your account to prevent this
  • Research the RTP - This will let you know how often, and generally how much, a slot machine is going to pay out. This helps set expectations before you start to play
  • Take advantage of welcome offers - Most online casinos will give you free cash and free spins when you sign up. Make sure to use these before they expire
  • Stop when in profit - It always makes sense to quit while you’re ahead. Don’t get caught in the gambler’s fallacy that you’re on a winning streak or you could lose everything

If you’d like to know more, you can click on this link to get more tips on how to play online slots.

Top 10 Best Mafia Slots

  1. The Godfather - It should be no surprise that The GodFather tops our list. Recreate the classic storyline of the movie and meet the eclectic cast of characters. If you manage to land on the Godfather himself alongside Phillip Tattaglia and Luca Brasi, you’ll net the ‘family business’ bonus for some hefty payouts. Combined with rich visuals and an atmospheric soundtrack and you’ve got a winner with an RTP of 95.77%
  2. The Slotfather - Playing on the name of its famous movie counterpart, the Slotfather is set in the 1920s at the height of prohibition. The quirky cast of characters means things never get boring and with free spins, instant wins, and bonus rounds it should grab your interest. The RTP is 95.69%
  3. Dogfather - This slot combines the love of dogs with our fascination with organized crime. It’s a fairly simple five-reel, three-row offering but is incredibly fun and addictive. It won’t take long to learn the 20 winning paylines and these adorable criminal pooches will have you gripped. The RTP is 95.52%
  4. Cops N Bandits - While a slight departure from the mafia theme, this crime-based slot still has a lot to offer. Follow the adventures of top cop Slim McThin as he tries to catch master criminals Tiny Geroge and Skinny Larry. The game is known for its abundance of wild and scatter symbols and the chance to catch a mystery suspect in the lineup bonus.
  5. Chicago Slots - This five-reel game by industry leader Novomatic takes you back to prohibition-era Chicago and the time of Al Capone. All the cops are corrupt and the gangs are ruthless, but this means there might be money to be made with some interesting bonus rounds. You can shoot bottles off a wall for some hefty multipliers, regularly double your winnings, and net free games. RTP is 95.30%
  6. Scarface - You can now relive one of Al Pacino’s finest roles in slot machine form when you play Scarface. The game is accompanied by the soundtrack and characters from the movie and even the famous chainsaw makes an appearance as a wild symbol. Most winning combos come from matching a series of characters from the movie together in consecutive lines and there are 20 winning paylines in total. The game has a very respectable 96.8% RTP
  7. The Amsterdam Master Plan - A modern twist on the gangster genre, the Amsterdam Master Plan puts the player into a casino heist situation. This means the game combines mob bosses with roulette wheels and blackjack with a chance to bring you some interesting winning combinations and bonus rounds. There are no multipliers but the game does have a very high payout rate and has an RTP of 96.5%
  8. Real Steal - This slot has taken inspiration from the Grand Theft Auto video game series and has very similar artwork, styles, and themes. Much like the game, Real Steal puts you in the shoes of an up-and-coming career criminal looking to make it big. It’s a fairly straightforward five-reel game with some low-level multipliers up to 25x to be won. It has a pretty engaging soundtrack and an RTP of 95%
  9. The Sopranos - Join Tony Soprano and his New Jersey crime family as you relive one of the greatest TV shows of all time. You can face off against the big man himself in the bada bing bonus round where you can get a chance to win additional jackpots and free games. Land on Chris Moltisanti and you’ll activate the soldier mode and net yourself 25 free spins. The RTP is a little lower than other games at 94%
  10. Mafia - The very aptly named Mafia game is a five-reel video slot that puts you in the 1920s prohibition era. It’s well-known for its bonus rounds but doesn’t have any wild or scatter symbols, making it an easier game for newbies to pick up. The RTP is set at 95%

Some Other Popular Slots Themes

If the mafia doesn’t strike your fancy, there are plenty of other slot genres that might pique your interest. Popular ones include:

  • Fruit
  • Ancient Egypt
  • Ancient Greece
  • Witches and Wizards
  • Adventures
  • Celebrity
  • Animals
  • Aliens
  • Superheros
  • Medieval
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