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Gods/Divine Slots: All the Important Details


The reasons why people enjoy playing slot games are extremely varied, from the RTP and graphics to their theme. In this thorough review, you will find out everything you need to know about Gods/Divine slots. This is a rather unique theme that has become extremely popular over the past years. That’s mostly due to the comeback in the entertainment industry of Gods and mythology in general.

Gods/Divine Slots Description and History

It’s not clear when Gods/Divine slots first entered the gambling scene but we can guess that the story began with people’s fascination with mythology and legends. Regardless if we’re talking about Greek, Roman, or Norse myths, all of these stories are grand and talk about some all-powerful beings.

Mythology and the stories and heroes that are part of it have been turned into incredibly-successful entertainment ingredients. People adore watching their adventures and learning more about what they are capable of.

With this being said, it’s no surprise that Gods/Divine slots are some of the most popular games and that people find them truly fascinating. In fact, who wouldn’t want to become part of a story together with gods and goddesses like Zeus, Odin, Poseidon, Athena, and other magical beings?

Divinity has always attracted people and that’s probably because we know so little about what is up there in the heavens. Now, with the help of these slot games, we have one more chance of escaping reality and feeling all-powerful, at least for a few hours. When you add the jackpot into the mix, Gods/Divine slots really seem the perfect way to spend your free time.

Why Are Gods/Divine Slots So Popular Among Online Players?

There is no exact reason why people love Gods/Divine slots so much but we can guess that it has to do with the sense of power that these mythological characters offer. Besides that, their stories, which have already been featured in movies, books, TV shows, and video games, are fascinating and people want to be a part of them.

Moreover, these slot games have incredible graphics and amazing soundtracks and sound effects, drawing the players in even more and making them characters in the story too. Besides playing a classic game of slots and possibly hitting the jackpot and taking advantage of some bonuses, it’s about letting yourself go and traveling in a mythological world full of might and magic.

Gods/Divine Slots Average Return to Player (RTP)

As with any other type of slot game, there is no way of knowing precisely what the return to the player is for Gods/Divine slots. In general, a little bit of research will tell you that the RTP for them stands at over 95%, sometimes even over 96%, with some variations.

It’s important for players to make sure that they check the RTP of a slot game before playing it. They should also check the volatility.

Types of Gods/Divine Slots

  • Three-Reel Slots: This is seen by most players as the simplest type of slot game with a rather funny nickname which is “one-armed bandit”. It was the first to be invented and took over Las Vegas casinos in a short span of time. It is extremely attractive for most new players because it offers entertainment plus chances of winning
  • Five-Reel Slots: These are the most commonly met slots and extremely popular because they are completely automated and have no mechanical parts. They also come with more pay lines and therefore more chances of hitting the jackpot. They are preferred by most developers, including the ones making Gods/Divine slots
  • Six-Reels and Seven-Reel Slots: These types of slots go one step further and can be considered a bit more complicated and mostly aimed at experienced players. Their overall player experience is more exciting and the playing process is quite a bit faster. They have a lot of symbols and offer many chances of winning
  • Progressive Jackpot Slots: This slot game structure means that the jackpot increases the longer you play and the more people join. You will see the jackpot displayed at all times as it increases and as more and more players are making wagers. It’s a very entertaining way of playing slots. Of course, only one lucky player will win it all.

Best Visual Effects, Sounds, and Graphics in Gods/Divine Slots

  • Light and Dark visual effects: If you want to play Sun & Moon slots you should be prepared to witness a very interesting visual duality of light and dark. Sun-themed slots are usually very bright and colorful while the moon-themed ones are darker and more mysterious. These visual effects are guaranteed to draw you in and keep you playing for hours upon hours
  • Beautiful graphics: The graphics of these Sun & Moon slots are also incredibly beautiful and that’s due to the symbols and possibilities that these two themes offer. Regardless if they are 2D or 3D, the colors and the overall experience that these graphics offer are one of a kind
  • Calming sound effects: Most Sun & Moon slots offer calming sound effects to the players so that they can focus but also relax while playing them. This special soundtrack can contribute to the success of the players and make them release any prior stress that they may have.

Gods/Divine Slots Features, Bonuses, and Free Spins

  • Free Spins: Most slot games offer new players a number of free spins as a welcome bonus. The purpose of those is to help you get accustomed to the game and maybe even win without putting any money in. The best advice that you can follow is to always take advantage of them because you might even hit that big jackpot very quickly
  • Scatters: A lot of Gods/Divine slot games also come with scatters which represent a type of bonus that helps you win more easily. They are actually symbols that are representative of the game’s theme which are simply scattered around. It’s important to know that you don’t have to put those in a line. It’s enough to stumble upon one and you will win
  • Other bonuses: Gods/Divine slots usually have a lot of other types of bonuses too. Some of those can appear in form of instant wins, the aforementioned scatters and free spins, as well as extra missions to complete. Make sure to check them all out and use them as much as possible.

Tips When Playing Gods/Divine Slots

  • Pay attention to your money: As with any other casino-type game, the best advice is to never bet more than you can afford to lose. In short, you should take care of your money and stop whenever you feel like the ground is shaking. Do not go overboard and don’t become greedy and risk too much because you might regret it later
  • Pay attention to the RTP and volatility: Again, analyzing the technicalities of a slot game before you start playing it is the key to being a potentially successful player. Look at the game’s RTP and its volatility. High volatility equals large but less frequent jackpots while low volatility means smaller but more frequent ones
  • Don’t ignore the bonuses: Most new players tend to become too excited about a slot game and they ignore the welcome bonuses they offer. This is a big mistake and one that you should avoid making. Things like free spins, scatters, or any other types of advantages are there for a reason. Pay attention to them too!

Top 10 Best Gods/Divine Slots

  1. Platinum Lightning – This is a slot game that is centered around Ancient Greek gods, goddesses, heroes, and their incredible adventures. With an RTP of 96.29%, it also has a five-reel playing style and 25 pay lines. Its graphics are 2D but they are absolutely breathtaking
  2. Pandora’s Box – This slot puts the player at the center of the famous tale of Pandora and her dreaded box. It is also based on Ancient Greek mythology containing a lot of famous symbols and characters. It has 20 pay lines, five reels, an RTP of 95.01%, and a medium level of volatility
  3. Muse: Wild Inspiration – This is a very cool-looking slot game that also places the players in the middle of Ancient Greek mythology, surrounding them with otherworldly landscapes, magic creatures, super powerful heroes, and gods. It has five reels, 25 pay lines, and an RTP of 97%
  4. Zeus Lightning Power Reels – In this slot game, you will be Zeus’ helper in creating a huge storm on Mount Olympus. You will be helped by 30 pay lines, 7 reels, a 97.73% RTP, and a plethora of bonuses and features meant to entertain you. The sound effects and graphics in this game are also really good
  5. Age of the Gods: Prince of Olympus – As the name suggests, this is yet another Greek mythology-inspired slot game. They are simply extremely popular among players and for good reason. With 25 pay lines, five reels, an RTP of 96.04%, and medium volatility, this game has a huge number of bonuses and very pretty graphics
  6. 2 Gods: Zeus vs Thor – With five reels, 2048 pay lines, and a 96.05% RTP, this slot game pins two of the greatest gods against each other in a titanic confrontation. You will always view both sides of the battle and the immersion will be amazing thanks to the visual and sound effects like Zeus’ lightning bolt and Thor’s hammer
  7. Medusa: The Curse of Athena – With 30 pay lines, five reels, andan RTP of 95.29%,this game has gorgeous graphics and a soundtrack that will make you feel like you’re in heaven. Besides Medusa and Athena, you will also encounter countless Greek mythology characters like Poseidon and Hercules
  8. Medusa II: The Quest of Perseus – Like the aforementioned slot game, this one is a continuation that has the same characteristics but a slightly lower RTP of 94.96%. This time, the player will become the legendary Perseus and begin an incredible adventure. Everything is wrapped in a set of beautiful graphics that will make you feel like an actual hero
  9. 88 Dragon – It’s time for a change with this slot game that is based on Asian mythology and folklore. With five reels, 243 pay lines, and an RTP of 95.37%, this game will introduce a series of mystical creatures, oriental elements, and a mesmerizing soundtrack to make you want to keep playing it and keep winning
  10. Zeus: King of Gods – Last but not least, this 3D slot game is not only very beautiful but also incredibly fun to play, as it’s also based on the legend of Zeus. It has 20 pay lines, five reels, and an RTP of 97%. All the symbols are gorgeous as well as the sound effects and the soundtrack that is sure to mesmerize every player.

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