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An Overview of Cat Slots: Features, Examples, RTF & More

With their elegance and strong personalities, cats are simply fascinating. Such is their charm and mystery that even slot game developers have decided to let these animals inspire their work. Discover what sets cat slots apart, what their fun features are, and what titles you should try.

Cat Slots Themes, Features, and History

Cat-themed slots are a popular niche in the online gambling industry. Just about any casino has at least a few cat slots. There are many reasons why these slots are so popular, starting with their eye-catching visuals.

Although you might imagine that all slots with cats are alike, there is actually a lot of variety in his genre. Some cat-themed slots are inspired by iconic feline characters such as Top Cat, which drew inspiration from the homonymous cartoon character of Hanna Barbara.

Many cat slots feature characters that are in between men and feline and appear in exquisite attires, complemented by engaging soundtracks. Two good examples are Cats and Cash and Catsino. Other creative slots such as Cat Prince bring together these intriguing creatures and human characters.

Cat slot games have become increasingly popular during the past 5 years. While some were designed in the early 2000s, others emerged 5-6 years ago (e.g Cat in Vegas) and are still among players’ favorites. Newcomers such as Book of Cats (2020) have their particular charm due to the modern and exquisite graphics.

What Makes Cat Slots Stand Out?

The straightforward answer to this question is that people, or at least some of them, like felines. But you don't necessarily have to be a cat owner or regularly bond with these terrific creatures to love cat slots. These games are appealing because they're simply fun and most of them feature incredibly well-crafted graphics.

And with all the meowing and purring and other interesting sound effects some of these slots offer, each time you play, you'll feel like having a real cat around. To sum up, cat slots such as those we will present further on are attractive both because of their fun theme and due to the high-quality visuals they offer. Naturally, each one of these games comes with a set of irresistible bonuses.

Cat Slots Average RTP

RTP stands for return to player and each slot casino game has one. The RTP is expressed as a percentage. This is one of the main factors you should take into account when you start playing slots games.

It is recommended to look for slots that have a high RTP of more than 92%, and most of these games do fall into this category. When it comes to cats slots, we saw that the average RTP is somewhere around 95%.

Some games have a lower RTP (e.g. Top Cat- 92.94%), while others have RTPs of more than 96% (e.g. Cats and Cash – 96.03%).

Types of Cats Slots

  • Slots with 3 reels: these are classic slot games that feature three reels only. The design is quite simple, which makes them easy and fun to engage in, especially for beginners. Some popular slots with 3 reels that are not cat-themed include God of Fortune, Vegas Hot, Golden Dragon, or Triple Monkey.
  • Slots with 5 reels: these are the most popular slots you can find online these days. Instead of the plain 3 reels system, these slots feature 5 reels. Most cat slots have 5 reels. Some examples include Book of Cats, Cat Prince, Catsino, 100 cats.
  • Progressive slots: these are among players’ favorites. Progressive slots bring large prizes because every player who uses real money to indulge in the game contributes to the big jackpot with each coin they slot. Vegas Cat and Big 5 Cats are two examples of progressive cat-themed slots.
  • Jackpot slots: these slots offer big jackpot prizes although they are not gradually built up from players’ contributions. Popular cat slots with jackpots include Top Cat and 100 Cats. The jackpot prize is a one-time huge prize only a few lucky players manage to win.

Best Visual & Sound effects, Graphic Elements, and Layout in Cat Slots

  • Charming characters: the best thing about cat slots is that, well … They feature these elegant and lovable creatures. While some cat slots such as Kitty Glitter focus on different magnificent cat breeds, others such as Cats and Cash offer engaging half-human, half-cat characters.
  • Incredible graphics: some of the biggest names in the online gaming industry have created cat-themed slots. Needless to say, their graphics are impeccable and make you feel as if you were watching a top cartoon or animation movie. One such example is Catsino.
  • Attractive layouts: besides good graphics, sound, effects, and memorable feline characters, developers have also paid the necessary attention to other game elements such as the layout. One of the most curated games from this perspective is Tiger’s Eye.

Cat Slots Features, Bonuses, and Free Spins

Some of the standard characteristics of cat-themed slots include:

  • Paylines: these refer to the existing number of winning combinations the game provides. Cat slots usually offer around 20 paylines. Some, such as Cat Prince, are more generous (40 paylines).
  • Free spins: these are the most common awards all cat slots offer. Free spins mean playing several rounds for free. If you get a lucky combination, some games offer hundreds of free spins (e.g. Kitty Glitter – 225 free spins).
  • Other bonuses: each slot game has its bonuses depending on the combination of winning symbols you land or the random symbols that appear during the game. For example, Top Cat offers a special master plan bonus.

Tips When Playing at Cat Slots

There is no secret recipe to winning at cat-themed slots, but here are a few tips to help you out:

  • Study each game before you decide to play using real money. Get familiar with its theme and rules.
  • Go for the games that have the higher RTP. These are those that enable players with the highest chances to win.
  • Select the cat slots that have the most generous bonuses – the more awards at stake, the more chances not to finish the game with empty pockets.
  • Take profit and avoid loss – if you’ve had a lucky day, it might be wise to stop and enjoy your prize instead of risking it to win more.

Top 10 Best Cats Slots

Cat slots are extremely diversified, and all major developers have these games in their portfolio nowadays. If you want to test some of the best cat-themed slots, here are 10 top options you can start with.

  1. Book of Cats - This slot game, created in 2020, was powered by BGaming. The game features 10 paylines and it is set in ancient Egypt. Book of Cats focuses on the mysteries of this great, long-forgotten world and does this by offering amazing graphics and animations. Some of the symbols you’ll encounter include the queen (who brings a reward of 7,500 for 6 symbols), the blue staff (a reward of 100), the Golden Book (the game’s scatter, with a reward of 600 for 6 symbols). Three or more scatters ensure 10 free spins. This game’s maximum coin size is 10 and the jackpot is 7,500 x your bet. Book of Cats has an RTP of 94%.
  2. Cat Prince - The prince is human, but he reigns over the kingdom of cats, hence its inclusion in our list. This game has excellent graphics, not that we would expect anything else from High 5 Games. Cat Prince offers 40 paylines. The symbols you can find include the prince, the prince’s neck chain or staff, the snow leopard, and the black panther. The wild, which is the game’s logo, brings 1,000 coins if you land 5. Mystery symbols and free spins boost this game’s appeal. The RTP is 94.9%.
  3. Cats - Cats by IGT has never had any intention of misleading anyone with this title. Yet, this game might take you by surprise a bit as it won't feature any Siamese, Persian, or Bengal cats. No, the developers decided to focus on something more daring and chose jungle predators. If you like big bad cats such as lions, leopards, tigers or panthers, this game is for you. It offers really good graphics and generous payouts. Watch out for the black panther, it triggers the biggest payouts. The wild is the game's ‘Cats’ logo itself and can work as a double. If you land 5 scatters, you receive 5 free spins. 6 scatters give you the right to 10 free spins. This game has an RTP of 94.93%, 30 paylines, 5 reels, and a maximum coin size of 100.
  4. Top Cat - This game was inspired by a classic cartoon signed by Hanna Barbara. Blueprint Gaming is the author of this transition that features the naughty felines crew. This slot has 20 paylines, 5 reels and 3 rows. The game genuinely recreates the cartoon’s atmosphere with its Manhattan background and the well-known dustbin where the famous cant dwells. Some of the best-paying symbols of the game include Top Cat, Choo-Choo, Spook, Benny the Ball, and Fancy-Fancy. Landing 5 Top Cats gives you an award of 400 coins. The game has some generous extras such as random wilds or the possibility to mix existing symbols and masterplan bonuses. The RTP is 92.94%.
  5. 100 Cats - EGT’s game features different popular cat breeds that proudly populate its reels. 100 Cats has 5 reels, 4 rows, and 100 paylines. The maximum allowed wager is 500 credits per spin. The wild of the game is a funny cat lady and she is ready to give you up to 5,000 credits. If you see the symbol that says ‘Cats Family’, it means you’ve found the scatter and you can get 10 free spins for 3 of these logos. The game also offers 4 jackpots and has an RTP of 96%.
  6. Cat in Vegas - Cat in Vegas is one of the funniest and most memorable characters you can find in cat-themed slots. This Playtech title was released in 2015 and has continuously gathered fans ever since. The game has 20 paylines, 5 reels, and a 92% RTP. The wild symbol couldn’t be easier to spot as it is basically the word ‘wild’ written in gold and it brings an award of 100 for 3 symbols, 1,000 for 4, and 10,000 for 5. The logo ‘King Show’ is the scatter and it unleashes free spins.
  7. Tiger’s Eye - This game was developed by Games Global, and it features a sophisticated design that truly makes the golden color stand out. The jungle theme is beautiful and soothing. Some of the lucky symbols you should watch out for include the Bengal tiger, the fawn, the peacock, the monkey, the sitting golden tiger (scatter), or the tiger’s paw. The most prominent symbol is the eye of the tiger, which acts as a wild. 3 scatters give you 10 free spins and 5 scatters mean 200 x your bet. This game features a generous RTP of 96.3%.
  8. Kitty Glitter - This IGT slots game features 5 reels and 30 paylines. Some of the gorgeous felines you’ll be able to play with are Siamese, Mutt, Tabby, and Persian. All of them are carefully created and perfectly mirror the real breeds. Kitty Glitter is a poker slot that features the related symbols (Ace, King, etc.). 3 scatters bring 15 free spins. The maximum number of free spins you can enjoy is 225. The game has a 94% RTP.
  9. Cats and Cash - This classy slot game from Play’n Go welcomes you with elegant human-cat characters that encourage you to try your luck and maybe enjoy some of the glam they indulge in. The game has 15 paylines, 5 reels, 3 rows, and an RTP of 96.03%. You can customize the reels and the wager. A crooning cat is the wild and the scatter is a goldfish in a bowl.
  10. Catsino - Catsino is another glamorous cats slot game that’s powered by Rival Gaming. The cartoon-like felines you can encounter in this game are very expressive and they indulge in human activities such as taking selfies or drinking cocktails. The graphics are simply seamless. The symbols include casino chips, money, and up-close cats. The wild of the game is smirking Tom who can triple your winnings. The free spins icon brings, as expected, free spins and there is also a 9 lives super round award available. The RTP is 94.26%.

Other Popular Slots Themes

If you’re not a cat person, here are some other popular slot themes that might lure you:

  • Fruit
  • Food
  • Holidays
  • Sport
  • Other animals
  • Books & Stories
  • Kings & Queens
  • Ancient civilizations
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