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The Ultimate Guide to Animal Slots


If you’re anything like most people then you love animals. Whether it’s your furry friends at home or the majestic creatures of the Serengeti on a nature documentary, we just can’t get enough of them. It’s probably why the genre is so popular in the world of online slots too. Join us to discover features, RTP, bonuses, and more as we learn all about animal slots.

Animal Slots Description and History

Animal slots have been with us since the very first online games appeared in the mid-1990s. Lions, tigers, bears, dogs, cats, and just about every other animal under the sun has made an appearance at some point.

Being such a broad genre it’s easy to find a lot of interesting variety in art styles, themes, and playstyles too, although the bulk of the industry these days is made up of fairly straightforward five-reel games. Animals can make appearances in just about any online slot as wilds, scatters, or bonus symbols too.

Being such recognizable symbols it’s pretty easy for players to get to grips with animal slots as well and most can learn the different winning paylines in no time at all. Finally, as such a popular genre, you’ll have no trouble finding animal slots at any online casino. Simply run a search on your favorites and away you go.

Why Are Animal Slots So Popular Among Online Players?

The popularity of animal slots is largely due to the symbols being so relatable. We can easily associate games with our beloved pets or favorite wild animals to ease ourselves into the game. Plus, the genre is awash with different art styles, from the ultra-cute to incredibly realistic depictions.

Animal slots offer something for everyone, are quick to find, and have easy-to-learn rules. Plus, new games are being made all the time which ensures there’s always an innovative new slot to try out.

Animal Slots Average Return to Player (RTP)

Animal slots generally tend to be fun and engaging options designed for new players to online slots. As such, you’ll usually find games with high return to player rates (RTP) of around 96% on average. This means that for every £100 you bet, the machine will pay out £96 in winnings. Try and keep an eye out for low volatility games which will increase your odds of regular payouts.

Types of Animal Slots

  • Three-reel classic - This is the oldest type of slot machine and is based on classic games from the early 1900s. These slots are very easy to play and there aren’t very many winning paylines to learn. However, it’s rare to find three-reel animal slots these days. Some still exist, like Bundle in the Jungle or Crazy Crocodile, but they’re becoming a rare sight in modern casinos
  • Five-reel - Much like the three-reel game but with two reels added to the end. This means there are more winning paylines, more chances for bonuses, and an overall more exciting experience. Some interesting choices at the moment include Win-a-Beast and Gorilla Kingdom. Five-reel games are a great choice for players looking for a little variety
  • Progressive - These slots will steadily grow a jackpot the more people play them. The prize is added to every time someone loses on a spin so the pot gets progressively bigger. These tend to be high-risk, high-reward games and it’s quite rare to land the big jackpot. Still, if you’d like to give it a try you could check out Golden Retriever or Diamond Rhino
  • Mega Reel - Mega Reel games are well-known for very generous free spin bonuses (up to 500 at a time) as well as the chance to win amazon vouchers. There aren’t too many mega reels games around so you might have to do a little digging to find the best ones. However, if you’re looking for an animal theme you could try Mustang Gold or Fishin’ Frenzy
  • Jackpots - You might have guessed by the name that these machines are known for generous jackpots. These aren’t progressive and offer consistent one-off wins to players. These can often be four-figure sums but are also known to hit five figures on occasion for very lucky players. Popular choices include Buffalo Blitz and Cash Farm

Best Visual Effects, Sounds, and Graphics in Animal Slots

It should be no surprise that animal slots offer a huge variety of different themes, graphics, and features. If you can think of an animal, you’re almost certain to find a slot game based on it. Just some choices include:

  • Safari - Head to The Serengetti to discover lions, elephants, gazelle, and all manner of interesting wildlife with a safari slot. There’s no shortage of these and most online casinos have at least one or two options. Most come with immersive soundtracks and authentic animal sound effects
  • Pets - Dogs, cats, rabbits, turtles, and more all feature in various different slots, from the super-cute to the more realistic. You’re sure to find a game to suit you with adorable graphics and sound effects to go with it. You can even find a Japanese twist on the genre with games like Kawaii Kitty to mix things up
  • Adventure stories - An off-shoot of safari-based slots, there are a growing number of narrative adventure slots involving animals. Track your progress across highly detailed maps, ticking off different animals across your journey
  • Jungle slots - Encounter all kinds of exotic species from rainforests across the globe when you check out a jungle slot. These games have vividly recreated colorful and exciting wildlife from different regions

Animal Slots Features, Bonuses, and Free Spins

  • Wilds and scatters - These symbols are used to net you bonuses, free spins, or can be used to replace any other symbol on the grid. Our furry friends usually take on this role in any animal slot with different species being ranked in order of importance
  • Free spins - It’s incredibly rare to find an online slot machine that doesn’t award any free spins and animal slots are no different. The games vary in generosity and you’re most likely to win yourself a healthy chunk of free spins when playing a Mega Reel game
  • Slots coins - you might sometimes see an animal slot talk about ‘coins’, and this is simply how much you can bet using real money. One coin usually equates to 1p, but make sure you check the minimum and maximum bets before you spin
  • Re-spins - Not to be confused with free spins, the re-spin option allows for one do-over should you land on the right symbols. These are a common feature in many animal slots

Tips When Playing Animal Slots

Before we share some tips it’s important to know there isn’t any guaranteed way to win every time. You should avoid websites that promise cheat codes and easy wins as these will almost certainly be a scam. The random nature of animal slots means that you’ll need to think before you play. You might want to:

  • Manage your bankroll - Never bet more than you can afford to lose and don’t chase losses
  • Don’t play when drinking - Gambling and alcohol make a terrible mix. Make sure you enjoy your sessions sober to avoid big losses
  • Use welcome bonuses - Most casinos offer generous welcome bonuses with extra cash and free spins. Make sure you utilize these on your favorite games

If you’d like more tips when playing online slots you can read our guide at this link here.

Top 10 Best Animal Slots

  1. Fortunes of the Fox - This cute little game tops our list for its adorable cast of characters, accessibility, and respectable RTP. The game is an homage to the classic ‘Fox and the Hound’ tale so it really pulls on those nostalgic heartstrings. There are 25 winning paylines and the slot is incredibly easy for newcomers to learn too. You’ll find medium volatility and very impressive jackpots of 5,000x your original stake. RTP is 95.09%
  2. Astro Pugs - As if our list couldn’t get any cuter we hit you with Astro Pugs. Centered around the humble pug, you might be surprised to hear that the game has an East Asian twist added for good measure. If you can keep up with the eclectic characters it’s sure to put a smile on your face. Plus, with 1,296 paylines you’ve got a good number of chances to win. RTP is 95.72%
  3. Karate Pig - Amping up the madness even further with our third entry, Karate Pig, it sees our porcine hero battle his way to a black belt. Steeped in Japanese culture this game certainly has a unique theme. There are 40 paylines and plenty of bonuses and free spins to be won. Add to this an RTP of 96.5% and you’ve got a winner
  4. Bee Party - Our insect friends aren’t neglected when it comes to animal slots either and Bee Party is a fine addition to the list. This title is a progressive slot game. This can eventually land you a jackpot of up to 10,000x your initial stake. However, this does mean the RTP is set at a very low 93.53%
  5. Savanna Roar - Heading out on Safari now, Savanna Roar is another game that has the potential to 10,000x your bet. Plus, you get to track the wide variety of animals found on the African Savanna as you go. Watch out for the rhino stampede which randomly changes symbols to different types, boosting your odds of a big win. Payouts are fairly consistent with an RTP of 96.56%
  6. Bar Bar Black sheep - An old-school slot that combines the classic ‘Bar’ symbol of traditional slots with the popular children’s nursery rhyme. It’s a nice, simple, five-reel, 15 payline game with no complicated rules. What’s more, the characters, colors, and style are all pretty inoffensive, making it a good option for gamers looking to relax. The RTP is 95.3%
  7. Big Win Cat - This slot puts you in a Japanese novelty shop where the aim is to bag as many lucky cat symbols as you can. You’ll also encounter fish, pigs, and other lucky symbols as you spin. The game comes with stacked respins and a full house bonus that can 10x your bet. The RTP is 96.15%
  8. Tornado Farm Escape - A tornado has struck the farm and the animals have all been swept away. Luckily, they’re all quite pleased with this turn of events and it means various barnyard creatures like chickens, horses, cows, and pigs are all spinning through the sky looking to win you some cash. The intro graphics, visuals, and theme are a lot of fun and will definitely cheer you up. The RTP is, however, a little low at 93%
  9. Crazy Cows - Staying on the farm for this next one there’s no tornado, but the cows have gone crazy and it’s up to you to get them in order. This fun slot has an autoplay feature, a barn-bonus round, and some impressive multipliers. The RTP is 96.18%
  10. Dolphin Quest - Not to neglect our ocean-dwelling friends, our final entry is Dolphin Quest. It’s a 50 payline slot that can see jackpots hit six figures in some rare cases. The Dolphin Quest bonus round can also see you win all kinds of free games and spins too. The RTP is 96.12%

Some Other Popular Slots Themes

If animals aren’t your thing, you might want to try out some of these other themes:

  • Mafia
  • Fruit
  • Casinos
  • Witches and wizards
  • The ancient World
  • Fantasy
  • Vikings
  • Pop culture
  • Ancient Egypt
  • Music
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