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Anyone that’s familiar with the world of online slots will have no doubt heard of Gonzo’s Quest. It launched all the way back in 2010 and has become something of a cult classic amongst gamers. It charts the history of the famous Spanish Conquistador, Gonzalo Pizarro, and has managed to retain its crown as the most popular narrative slot for a number of years now.

Gonzo’s Quest Game Description

Gonzo’s Quest is all about atmosphere and you’re pulled back in time right from the outset by a short introductory film about the Life of Gonzalo Pizarro. In the game, you’ll be sailing up and down the coast of Peru in search of the elusive El Dorado and the stash of gold within. Your journey is enhanced by high-quality graphics and a soundtrack that really draws you in.

The slot itself is a fairly standard five-reel, three-row game in which you’ll need to match up various Incan and Mayan symbols. While there are only 25 different winning paylines the game really comes into its own with its cumulative multipliers. Known as avalanche multipliers, these symbols will cascade and explode with every winning spin, adding more to your pot each time.

Landing on enough multipliers can eventually lead to a freefall option which could net you an impressive 37,500x multiplier on your initial stake.

How to Play Gonzo’s Quest Slot Online

With five reels and three rows, Gonzo’s Quest at first seems quite a simple game to play. However, once you start to get into some of the more advanced features like avalanche multipliers you’ll need to be a little more on your toes. Follow our step-by-step guide below.

  • Minimum and maximum bets - You’ll first need to place your bet. This can be anywhere between 20p and £50 and will be based per spin. This is a higher betting limit than most other slots so we’d recommend taking care when placing those bigger stakes.
  • Standard paylines - The majority of winning paylines involve you matching between three and five of the same symbol across each row. This is pretty straightforward and you can see what each of these are in the information section of the slot. Each line has a multiplier applied to it ranging from 2.5x to 125x.
  • Scatters - Landing scatter symbols will net you free spins and is one of the most common types of bonuses to be found here.
  • Avalanche feature - This is where things start to get a little more complex, but this feature is what has made Gonzo’s Quest so famous. Every time you land a winning payline the avalanche feature can be triggered, which adds an additional 1x multiplier to your win. Each successful avalanche after this adds another multiplier up to 5x to your win. This means you can land some really big jackpots as multipliers are applied on top of multipliers.
  • Freefall - This is an extension of the avalanche feature and allows even more bonuses up to 15x. Once all the multipliers are added together you can score as much as 37,500x your original stake in freefall and 2,500x using avalanche. These are pretty impressive in anyone’s book. Luckily, the game takes care of these calculations for you and will automatically select the best winning lines and avalanches. However, you should still get some practice in so you can track what’s going on as you spin.

Gonzo’s Quest Slots Game Characters, Features, Bonuses, and Free Spins

As you might have guessed, Gonzo will be your constant companion throughout the game as he guides you to the treasure of El Dorado. The game really goes that extra mile in telling this historical tale and the narrative style and introductory video will certainly be a big plus for history buffs. All of this is set to an immersive musical score, top-quality graphics, and a crisp user interface.

  • Gonzo - The main man himself and based on real-life Spanish explorer Gonzalo Pizzaro. Together you’ll be exploring the ancient Mayan ruins of Peru and discovering a little more about the life of this enigmatic adventurer. He’s the only human character you’ll meet and most of the symbols in the game are based on beautifully rendered Mayan pictographs.
  • Autoplay feature - You can sit back and relax by using the autoplay feature. This allows you to place a preset bet for each spin and the AI will play the game for you. This way to get to enjoy the show and take in the atmosphere. However, you should always be careful to make sure you’ve set an acceptable betting amount before using the autoplay.
  • Cascading bonuses - Most of the bonuses in Gonzo’s Quest come from the avalanche feature we’ve talked about earlier. Each time you land on an avalanche symbol you’ll add one more multiplier to your spin. Get enough of these and you’ll enter the freefall stage and apply an additional 15x to your win.
  • Free spins - If you manage to net three scatter symbols you’ll immediately be given 12 free spins. These are cumulative and there’s no limit to how many you can get.

What Is the RTP of Gonzo’s Quest Slots Game?

RTP is 96% which is about bang on for the industry average. It’s a medium volatility game meaning payouts, on the whole, aren’t too small or too large and you might even see the occasional jackpot. This makes the slot a medium-risk game where smaller, consistent bets can see steady gains over time.

Gonzo’s Quest Slots Game Tips

There are one or two tips and tricks specific to Gonzo’s Quest, but the random nature of the slot means there’s no strategy to win every time. As the game is so popular you might often find websites offering cheat codes and guaranteed systems to win, but you should avoid these at all costs as these will very likely be scams. Instead, you can follow our general advice below:

  • Decide how much you want to gamble - Before every session you should always pick a set amount you’re willing to lose and never go over this amount. Doing so can lead to the trap of chasing losses.
  • Consider higher bets - As a medium volatility game, you might want to consider the occasional bet at the higher end of the limit. These types of slots offer relatively good chances of a respectable win. However, you shouldn’t go big on every spin.
  • Never mix gaming with alcohol - This is a sure-fire way to see players start taking big risks and gambling more than they can afford to lose. We’d never recommend it.

Gonzo’s Quest Slots Game Software

Gonzo’s Quest is made by NetEnt which has been a pioneer of the online casino software world for the past 20 years. The platform has produced a number of classics such as Dead or Alive, Starburst, and the official Jumanji slots game and now has more than 200 titles under its belt.

Every respectable online casino has a clutch of NetEnt games on its books and the company can’t seem to put a foot wrong when it comes to innovation and excitement. The platform has a talent for making slots with long-term appeal and Gonzo’s Quest, despite being more than 10 years old now, hasn’t lost any of its charm.

Gonzo’s Quest Slots Game on Mobile

Gonzo’s Quest has been fully mobile compatible since it was launched back in 2010. Updates to the game mean that it can still be played on any modern web browser across desktops, laptops, tablets, and mobile. While there’s no difference in features across these platforms, users might see the odd graphical change when playing on mobile depending on the size of the device. This doesn’t detract from the overall gaming experience, though.

Gonzo’s Quest FAQs

What Is the Volatility of Gonzo’s Quest?

The slot is a medium volatility game, meaning payouts are generally quite frequent and neither too low nor too high.

How Do I Play Gonzo’s Quest?

Your main goal is to match as many carved Mayan symbols and pictographs as you can. Triggering an avalanche or freefall bonus will apply cumulative multipliers to your win.

What Are the Minimum and Maximum Bets on Gonzo’s Quest?

The minimum bet is 20p per spin while maximum wagers go all the way up to £50.

What Bonuses Can I Win on Gonzo’s Quest?

During an avalanche round, you can win up to 2,500x your original stake, while the freefall feature can increase this to 37,500x.

Gonzo’s Quest Slot Game on Lord Ping

Gonzo’s Quest is just a click away on Lord Ping and you could be signed up and playing in just a few minutes. You can even get a bonus of £50 to spend when you create a new account as well as £35 in free spins. If you’re not quite ready to bet real money you can also play for free for as long as you’d like to get a feel for the game.

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