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Dragon's Luck Slot Machine

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The Dragon's Luck slot game will keep fans of the genre tied to the reels for hours. The gameplay is fast, the graphics are attractive, and the in-game bonus features are entertaining to watch and anticipate. Punters who are looking for more variety will appreciate the multiple possibilities to increase their haul during the regular reel games in Dragon's Luck slots, and the ever-active paylines mean more potential for wins.

Dragon's Luck Game Description

The Dragon's Luck slot online game is a 5-reel, 10-payline game. Red Tiger does a good job of capturing the culture of the country it depicts. The reels are stationed in a traditional Chinese pagoda with dragons flanking the giant pillars on the outside. The Chinese countryside features subtly in the background, and if you enjoy the soft, beautiful watercolours, then this artistic rendition will certainly be pleasing to your eyes.

The game doesn't have any bonus rounds or free spins, which is a major breaking point for some punters. But if you're happy with a solid base game that even offers some great additional features within that game, then the Dragon's Luck online slot machine is definitely a wise choice.

How to Play Dragon's Luck Slot Online

The Dragon's Luck slot game makes for a good selection, whether you are a new punter or have been playing slots machines for years. It’s easy to learn, doesn’t have any complicated bonus rounds to learn, and still sprinkles enough extra features to keep things interesting. Here’s how to get the ball rolling:

  1. Set your stake by clicking on the stake button. You’ll be allowed to choose from 0.10 up to a massive 100.
  2. Once you’ve set your wager amount, you can click on the golden spin circle to start the reels in motion.
  3. The symbols will begin moving across the reels at a rapid pace.
  4. If you get a winning combination (three or more of any symbol) on a payline, then you'll be awarded the corresponding valued payout.

You can use the autoplay or turbo features to make the games go even faster than the standard flashing reels.

Dragon's Luck Characters and Features

As we’ve mentioned, Red Tiger designed the Dragon's Luck game nicely with artful features and amusing animations upon wins. The Dragon's Luck slot game only has five symbols for the base game to play with. Some would argue that playing with fewer symbols helps you get winning combinations more frequently. So, this lack of variety could be a good thing. The base-level symbols include the A, K, Q, J, and ten written out in Chinese text font.

Then, you have the more valuable symbols, including the lotus blossom, cute koi fish, and Chinese doll. The biggest paying symbol is the 138 coin that will serve up 1380x your wager if you get 5 of them on a reel.

And now, for the gameplay. The base game is pretty standard, as we’ve explained in the how to play section. The first unique feature you’ll notice about the Dragon's Luck slot machine is that it pays both ways. You don’t have to set up a winning combination from left to right. You can win with a combination from either side or even in the middle of a reel.

And things continue to heat up when the decorative dragons adorning the pillars on either side of the reels suddenly snap into life. These dragon symbols breathe fire onto the board, changing random symbols into matching ones to boost your winnings. Here are a few other special features punters will also enjoy from the Dragon's Luck slot online game:

Dragon Coin

The dragon coin is a massive golden coin with a traditional dragon on its face. When this appears, players will be very happy because it spins across the reels to reveal a secret symbol that also creates bigger winning combinations.

Mega Coin

The mega coin is similar to the dragon coin...only bigger. It’ll take up an entire 3x3 space on the reels, filling in for missing symbols for major combination power.

138 Coin

Finally, the 138 coin is the big-ticket item. Fill the reels with this symbol, and you’re looking at 1380 times your stake.

Dragon's Luck Jackpot

The Dragon's Luck slot machine does not have a jackpot you can win. Instead, you can line up high-paying symbols to earn big wins naturally. There are a few symbols that can create major jackpot wins, including the dragon coins that change other symbols on the reel to matching symbols. The 138 coin is the biggest winning item. If you get five of these coins, then you'll win 1380 times your stake.

Dragon's Luck Tips and Strategy

Want to win big with the Dragon's Luck slot game? While there are no guarantees with an online slot machine, you can bet on these tips to keep the fun alive:

  • Start by betting a small amount. You won’t win as much, but you won’t blow your bankroll during the learning process.
  • Play the gamble feature to increase the fun and challenge once the game gets more familiar to you.

Dragon's Luck Software

The Dragon's Luck slot online game is made by Red Tiger, a slightly lesser-known software developer. Though the name isn’t as big as Games Global or NetEnt, Red Tiger still produces plenty of popular slots machines that are known for their visual appeal as much as their entertainment value.

Some exciting Red Tiger slots you can check out are Phoenix Fire Power Reels, Wild Cats Multiline, and The Greatest Train Robbery. Though the themes vary from one game to the next, Red Tiger slots all share the same element of quality graphics and solid gameplay.

Dragon's Luck on Mobile

The Dragon's Luck online slot game can be played just as easily on mobile devices as on desktop computers. So, whether you’re playing at the office, on the tram coming home from a busy day, or on your tablet winding down for the weekend, the mobile Dragon's Luck slot machine will deliver the same quality and entertainment value as the desktop version.

Dragon's Luck FAQs

What’s the difference between the various Dragon's Luck slots machines?

In addition to the standard version of Dragon's Luck slot game, there are also two variations, Dragon's Luck Megaways and Dragon's Luck Power Reels. Megaways has tens or even hundreds of thousands of different paylines to work with. Meanwhile, Power Reels has active reels and cascading reels that increase the winning power of each spin.

What is the gamble feature on the Dragon's Luck slot game?

The gamble feature is a mini-game that you can play when you get a winning combination. You'll guess the colour of the playing card, and if you get it right, you can double your winnings.

How does the autoplay feature work?

Autoplay lets you set a certain amount of games to run through, and then the system automatically plays out those games without any input from you. It’s like slots fun on speed.

How is the payout direction different in the Dragon's Luck slots?

In most slot machines, you have to set up your symbols in a particular order to get the win. But with Dragon's Luck, you can have them on any reels and still earn your winnings.

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