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Bonanza is a true classic of the online slots genre and one of the most popular games made by industry giant, Big Time Gaming. With big payouts and an incredible 117,649 ways to win it’s easy to see why this is a firm favorite of online casinos the world over.

Bonanza Game Description

Bonanza is themed around the Old West gold rush of the 1800s and you’ll join the miners hunting for entertainment. You’ll start your journey at the bottom of the appropriately named Mount Cashmore before working your way through various tiers with increasingly bigger prize pots.

Big Time Gaming describes the game as one of its greatest creations to date and it’s part of the company’s Megways slots family. Like its sister titles, this means Bonanza comes with random reel modifiers, thousands of paylines, big wins, and medium volatility.

The graphics are crisp, the interface feels very modern, and the game is set to some fun old west banjo music that helps keep the pace bouncing along. The standard game comes with six reels but this could change at any time during your playthrough depending on the symbols you land on. This makes Bonanza slots one of the most interesting games to play right now.

How to Play Bonanza Slot Online

Brand new players might be a little confused at first given there are so many different ways to win alongside randomized rows. However, it’s not too complicated once you’ve had a few spins.

  • Slot layout - The game begins in a simple six-reel layout. You simply need to land five matching symbols to win a prize. Symbols include five royals of 10, Jack, Queen, King, and Ace alongside a number of gold and gem related themes.
  • Megaways engine - This is where things start to get interesting. The Megaways engine means that the number of rows is randomized with every spin. You’ll get between two and seven rows so you could land anywhere between 12 and 42 symbols in total. Of course, more symbols mean more chances to win.
  • Adjacent symbols - Bear in mind that you only win if the matching symbols are adjacent to each other. This could be both horizontally or diagonally.
  • Cascading slots - Every time you spin, any currently matched symbols will disappear and be replaced with new ones. This is one of the reasons there are so many different winning combinations available. Plus, the cascade feature, in theory, allows for infinite multipliers as each new combination is added to your previous winnings.
  • Minimum and maximum bets - Each bet place will be per spin with a minimum wager of 20p and a maximum of £20. You can’t bet on individual paylines given there are so many of them.
  • Jackpot bet - If you’re feeling very lucky you could try to spin for the jackpot separately. This is a separate prize pot that could land you an impressive 10,000 x return with maximum bets going up to £500.
  • Volatility - Bonanza has a medium volatility level meaning you’ll get lower, but more frequent payouts alongside the occasional large prize pot.
  • Autoplay feature - If you don’t want to manually manage all of your bets you can select the autoplay feature. This allows you to set a wager size and a number of spins letting the AI take over for you. However, you should be careful to set affordable limits or you could lose quite a lot.

Bonanza Slots Game Characters, Features, Bonuses, and Free Spins

Bonanza is set in the Old West. Instead, you’ll be treated to gold-rush-themed symbols and reels alongside a number of impressive bonus rounds and features. The graphics are colorful, but not gaudy, and the sound effects make the perfect complement to the game. Some other bits and pieces to look out for include:

  • Gemstone symbols - While a lot of your winning combinations will come from royals like 10, Jack, Queen, King, and Ace, you should keep an eye out for gemstone symbols. This mix of emeralds, sapphires, diamonds, and rubies are what will trigger various bonus rounds.
  • Free spins - whenever your spin spells out the word ‘gold’ in adjacent reels then you’ll activate 12 free spins straight away. If you manage to land on a scatter symbol during one of these spins you’ll immediately be given another five free spins to play with. Plus, landing four gold bars will give another 10. In theory, there’s no limit to how many free spins you can get should the reels fall your way.
  • Cascading reels - Every time you land on a winning payline the cash will land in your bank and the symbols will disappear. This makes room for new symbols to appear and new chances to win. Not having locked reels, and an ever-shifting number of rows makes for some quite exciting games.
  • Wilds - Sticks of dynamite appropriately act as wild symbols here. Each one can be replaced with any other royal symbol.

What Is the RTP of Bonanza Slots Game?

Bonanza has a very respectable RTP of 95.98%. While this is just a shade under the industry average of 96% you’ll still find you’ll land on plenty of winning spins. Volatility is medium to high meaning prizes tend to be average with the odd big win thrown in from time to time too.

Bonanza Slots Game Tips

With more than 117,000 winning paylines it’s difficult to come up with one system or strategy to consistently win. Plus, as a Megaways slot, the number of rows is in constant flux and the randomized wins mean that you’ll never quite be sure what’s coming up next. Instead, we’ve got some general tips below:

  • Bet small - Bonanza has a very high maximum bet of £20 on a regular spin and £500 on jackpot bets. We’d highly recommend that you only stick to smaller, more affordable bets to keep you playing longer.
  • Don’t chase losses - If you’ve gambled beyond your chosen bankroll loss limit for the day you should never start chasing those losses. It’s a gambler’s fallacy to think a machine is going to pay out soon simply because it hasn’t done so for the previous few spins.
  • Take advantage of welcome offers - Most online casinos will offer you a sign-up bonus of free spins or bonus cash. You should definitely use these before they expire.

Bonanza Slots Game Software

Big Time Gaming is one of the most well-known names in the gambling software industry. It has been operating since 2011 and in that time has created a number of classics, including its range of famous Megaways slots.

Most online casinos have a wide selection of options from Big Time and many are fan favorites such as Gold Megaways, Wheel of Fortune, and Slot Vegas. In fact, many are surprised to find out that the company is a lot smaller than many of its rivals. However, this doesn’t stop it from producing consistently excellent content year on year.

Bonanza Slots Game on Mobile

Bonanza is able to provide a near-identical game to players on both desktop and mobile devices. You should have no problem accessing the slot directly via the browser on your phone or tablet with no loss of features. Plus, the game is compatible with most versions of iOS and Android.

Bonanza FAQs

Does Bonanza Have a Bonus Round?

Not as such. Instead, you’ll get the chance to win near-unlimited free spins and multipliers. Alternatively, you can choose to skip the standard game and try a spin on the jackpot round. This is one spin with the chance of winning a 10,000x multiplier on your bet.

Which Symbol has the Highest Value?

You’ll want to keep an eye out for purple diamonds. If you manage to land six of these you’ll get a 50x multiplier on your spin.

How Much Does it Cost to Play Bonanza?

The minimum bet is 20p per spin while the maximum is £20. Or, you could bet up to £500 in just one spin on the jackpot round.

How Many Paylines Are in Bonanza?

There are 117,649 different ways to win in Bonanza. This is because the number of rows is constantly changing making it one of the more exciting slots on the market.

How Volatile Is Bonanza Slots?

The game is set at medium volatility with an RTP of 95.98%. This means wins tend to be paid out at a steady rate although it’s rare to land really big wins.

Bonanza Slot Game on Lord Ping

Lord Ping has the full Bonanza Megaways game available at its online casino. You can even get a £50 sign-up bonus and up to £35 worth of free spins to play with. If Bonanza isn’t quite to your fancy, you could try a number of other Megaways games available too such as the Book of the Dead Slots, Slingo Rainbow Riches, and Gonzo’s Quest which have similar play styles.

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