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888 Dragons Slot Machine

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The 888 Dragons slots game has a fun oriental theme, colourful reels, and playful sound effects. But that's not what makes the game special. Designed by the brilliant minds at Pragmatic Play, 888 Dragons is a rare, single-line slot with a limited number of reel symbols to go around. And that makes all the difference! See if you can resist the magnetic pull of these brightly-coloured traditional dragons.

888 Dragons Game Description

The 888 Dragons slot online game is a fun machine that is designed in the Asian theme. To start things off, the background is an artistic pattern of fans repeated across the screen. The paytable is prominently displayed to the side of the reels. But the reels are really what grab your attention. These are brightly and ornately designed in traditional Chinese colours of gold and red. The dragons that populate the reels are even more beautiful, adding splashes of bright, vivid colour to the picture.

There’s also the Chinese symbol for 888 Dragons blazing across the top of the screen with red hot flames highlighting the characters.

The 888 Dragons slot game will look different to gamers from the onset. For one thing, there are only three reels. Most slots today have a minimum of five reels. Additionally, there is only a single payline for this machine.

How to Play 888 Dragons Slot Online

The 888 Dragons slot online game is designed for simplistic gameplay. That's good news for gamers who are new to the slot machine scene or for players who just want a more casual experience for a change. With all of the action that goes on in the video slots of today, some gamers may find the slower pace a relief. If you're new to the arena, then you can follow these instructions for fun 888 Dragons slot machine gameplay:

  1. Set your wager
  2. Click on the settings menu icon. This will show a pop-up window with several options. You can set your wager by clicking on the plus or minus buttons. Wager amounts range from .01 up to 5. You can also set other options here like sound effects or battery saver mode.

  3. Start the game
  4. Do this by clicking on the spin button. You can also use the autoplay feature to spin more games consecutively without pause.

  5. Enjoy
  6. Watch as the reels spin. If you get three dragon symbols on the payline, you’ll win the payout for that combination.

    There are no additional features or other bonus rounds available in the 888 Dragons slot machine.

888 Dragons Characters and Features

The 888 Dragons online slot machine is as simplistic as they come. In fact, there are only three reels and only one payline. That might sound more challenging than a slot machine with multiple paylines, and it is. But what balances out the odds nicely is the fact that there are only three symbols to work with. Fewer symbols mean they are being used more often, so the likelihood of creating a winning combination is greater.

The reel symbols include just three dragons, a blue, a green, and a red and gold dragon. If you get a winning combination with any combination of the three colours, you’ll earn the lowest payout. Winning combinations with the same-coloured dragons will payout more, with the red dragon being the most lucrative of all.

There are no wild symbols or scatters, as well as no bonus rounds to be triggered in the 888 Dragons online slot game. It's just a basic type of slot that gives gamers the enjoyment of easy-going gameplay.

888 Dragons Jackpot

The big jackpot for the 888 Dragons slot game is 500 coins. Earn this payout by betting the maximum wager amount of 5 coins and landing three red gold dragons on the payline. This is not a terribly big jackpot, and gamers who are looking for the major payouts should search elsewhere. But 888 Dragons is a good option for players who want a more casual slot machine experience.

888 Dragons Software

888 Dragons is one of a continuing series of Asian-themed slots from Pragmatic Play. Pragmatic isn't shy about its audience targeting. In fact, the major digital gaming producers recently announced a desire to attract more of the Asian crowd and proceeded to launch a number of appropriately-themed slots machines for this clientele. Long story short is that gamers are now able to access terrific titles like Triple Dragons, Master Chen’s Fortune, and Panda’s Fortune, and we are all the happier for them.

888 Dragons on Mobile

Fortune has shined upon all mobile gamers because the 888 Dragons slot online game is available for gameplay on all devices, including PC, Mac, and mobiles. Designed in the HTML5 technology, the 888 Dragons slot machine (along with all of Pragmatic Play’s games) requires no additional software, applications, or downloads. Just load the game on your mobile browser, and play on mobiles and tablets, including iOS, Android, and Windows-run devices.

888 Dragons FAQs

I heard there are more Asian-themed slots. Can you tell me some more?

From the artful to the mysterious, Asian-themed slots fill the libraries of online casinos everywhere. Try out titles like Long Pao from NetEnt, Asian Beauty by Microgaming, or Play ‘n Go’s Big Win Cat.

What is the payline for the 888 Dragons slot online game?

Gamers can trigger a win by making a combination on the central horizontal line.

What are the bonus features for the 888 Dragons slot machine?

There are no bonus features for this slot game. You’ll play just to enjoy the casual gameplay and attractive graphics.

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