My Levels New Feature for LordPing Players

My Levels New Feature

Introducing ‘My Levels’ at Lord Ping

What’s better than being rewarded simply for enjoying your favourite casino games at your beloved casino site? At Lord Ping, we like to treat all our committed players like VIP’s which is why we’re introducing the ‘My Levels’ feature. This feature allows players to advance through a series of levels based on their gameplay, and receive additional rewards and bonuses for doing so. Keep on reading to the next section to find out how all this goodness works. 

How To Use My Levels New Feature

In order to use the 'My Levels' feature, all you have to do is play, it's as simple as that. Players will advance to each new level based on their gameplay, with the possibility to earn rewards and bonuses. Best of all, Players' levels cannot drop, therefore the only way is up!

By checking the progress bar at the top of the page or under "My Account" in the side menu, players can quickly determine how close they are to finishing a level. Players must accumulate 125 points, for instance, in order to level up and reach level 1. The number of spins/rounds and stake amount are factors in how many points a player can earn when participating in any of the casino's games. Players can increase their wagers for a few rounds or spins to move through the levels more quickly; otherwise, they will advance through the levels more slowly.

Come and Play now at LordPing

If you’d like to game at a site that treats you just for enjoying your favourite games, then sign up and play today at Lord Ping to enjoy the brand new My Levels feature.

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