Lord Ping’s New Feature: Hot or Cold

Lord Ping Feature: Hot or Cold

Learn What’s Hot or Not at Lord Ping

The hot and cold feature was implemented on our website by Lord Ping since we are always looking for innovative methods to make playing slots more enjoyable. The hot/cold function is intended to show if a slot is hot, which indicates that slots are paying out more than they are taking, or cold, which indicates that slots have not paid out in a while. The fact that you can use this tool to either follow or reject slot trends is excellent and Lord Ping hopes it adds more fun to your gameplay.

How To Use Hot or Cold New Feature

Go to the games lobby of our website and select the new tab to access the new Hot and Cold function. On this screen, you can select to display the hot or cold slots. To give you the most recent information so you can make an informed decision, this area is updated every 5 minutes.

Hot Indicator

The Hot Indicator consists of three different flame-like images. These markers show which slot players are winning the most money and where winning streaks are occurring.

Cold Indicator

The Cold Indicator features three layers, the same as the Hot Indicator, but they are made of ice. These icons display the names of the machines that aren't paying out and are being wicked little things.

Why Use the Hot or Cold Feature on LordPing

Although by definition all slot machines are completely random, the Hot and Cold feature is particularly useful because it can suggest which of your favourite slots to play at any given time. You can either follow the crowd and play the popular slots or you can play the less popular games in an effort to stop your fellow players' losing streaks.

Enjoy the Hot or Cold Feature here at Lord Ping

At Lord Ping you can use the Hot or Cold feature to guide your gameplay choices. It’s just one more added piece of sophistication designed to enhance your experience. Sign up and play today.

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