Trump You Buffoon!


Panning comments made by Donald Trump is hardly a novel thing to do. Over his 50-year career and four-year Presidential term, the man is no stranger to outrageous statements or flat out lies. 

Take a look at any of his interviews, including his most recent one with Piers Morgan, and you’ll see what I mean.


Trump You Buffoon

The ex-President isn’t content with annoying people in his own country and has recently made a series of laughable statements regarding his charisma and its effect on our Queen. 

Trump said that our dear monarch was ‘laughing and smiling’ as he sat next to her at a state banquet in June 2019. Trump, who was then the President of the United States, also added that The Queen had ‘never had such a good time.’ Mr. Trump, I can assure you that she has. 

How furious those statements have made me. Trump knows nothing about our Queen and has no expertise or care for our incredible Royal Family. He has no idea what The Queen likes and doesn’t like, and her ‘laughter’ was most likely her exercising her famously good manners and decorum. There is not a snowball’s chance in hell that Her Majesty was actually entertained by Trump, and his comments are yet more proof that the man’s ego is bloated beyond human comprehension. 

All Hail The Return Of Social Media!

All Hail The Return Of Social Media!

Trump Lives In A Fantasy World

Royal experts are right when they say Mr. Trump is living in a fantasy world. How audacious to think that, after 70 years on the throne, our Queen’s greatest guest was Donald Trump. His comments have infuriated me, and I think it’s a disgrace such comments weren’t edited out. 

Then again, Donald Trump is no stranger to psychobabble and these statements should come as a surprise to no one. Body language experts have poured over photos of the two at the event and have concluded that Her Majesty’s smiles and approving looks are socially-conditioned responses honed over decades of public appearances. They also stated that The Queen’s expressions ‘changed dramatically’ whenever she looked away from Trump and her raised shoulders were an indication of impatience and contempt. 

The Queen is no stranger to diplomacy and has attended thousands of events over her long and glorious reign. During that time, she’s learned how to make others feel at ease and understands the importance of a smile. I can assure you she’s hosted guests far more accomplished and pleasant than Donald Trump, and, despite what he may think, he probably ranks very low should she ever decide to make a list of her favorite guests. 

Not Another Cringeworthy Interview Harry!

Not Another Cringeworthy Interview Harry!

Lost My Respect For Trump

I thought that Trump’s 2020 electoral defeat would be the demise of his career. How wrong I was. Though I’ve never supported him, I completely lost respect for him once he started talking about our Royals. 

Our 96-year-old monarch has conversed with some of the best and brightest of the human race. Whether it’s Sir Steven Hawking, Sir Winston Churchill, Sir Stephen Fry, or Nelson Mandela, The Queen has had the honor of meeting great men and women in her time. I can guarantee that this liaison with Donald Trump was not done out of personal enjoyment. Instead, it was to strengthen the bond between the United Kingdom and the United States. 

In the 70th year of her reign, I consider any outrageous comments about our Queen to be deeply distressing. We should be celebrating her time on the throne, and not cringing at comments made by irrelevant former Presidents. If I ever meet Mr. Trump, I’ll be sure to give him a piece of my mind and let him know that our glorious monarch is not someone to make assumptions about. 



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