Delighted With The New Jubilee Bank Holiday


As the Queen celebrates her 70th year on the throne, I think it’s high time we gave the public an extra day to ponder the greatness of Her Majesty and her wonderful family.

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Bravo Heinz On Your Patriotic Condiments

Well done, Heinz, you have made this old codger’s day and made him look forward to the Jubilee even more. I hope you’ll join me for a helping of Salad Queen on your celebratory meal this June. It will certainly be quite the occasion.

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The Crown Is Fiction Not Fact!

The Crown Is Fiction Not Fact!

Don't for one moment think the Netflix series The Crown is a true representation of the Royal family.

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Champions League Preview - Didi Hamann

Former Liverpool midfielder Didi Hamann spoke exclusively to me, Lord Ping ahead of the Champions League Final between Liverpool and Real Madrid.

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UFO Expert Makes Ridiculous Claim

According to a UFO expert Seagulls could be an alien species sent to spy on us. Not too sure how Nick Pope can call himself an expert following such a ridiculous claim.

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Eating At The Workplace Banned!

Hopefully this boss learns their lesson and calms down on the overly-strict work culture whilst retaining order and productivity at the same time.

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Very Diplomatic Indeed Stanley

I applaud Stanley Johnson’s courageous decision to become a French citizen and to help maintain a link between Britain and the European Union.

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Lord Ping Daily Opinions - Episode 2

Lord Ping gives his opinions on Johnny Depp, the soaring price of fuel and Boris Johnson's position following Partygate.

Lord Ping Daily Opinions - Episode 7

In Lord Ping's Daily Opinions brought to you by Mike Graham, we have a pervy MP, a princess that has been cancelled and a Hollywood star that has been to a war zone!

Lord Ping Opinions Episode 6

In my Daily Opinions for today with Mike Graham we have a prince, a bunch of maniacs and a mystery man in the House of Commons!



Louis Saha Exclusive: Pogba Perfect For Chelsea

In a recent chat with former United star Louis Saha, he raised a very interesting point about why he feels Pogba would do well at Chelsea.

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Louis Saha Exclusive: United Should Do Everything To Get Kane

In a recent chat with Louis Saha the former United star stressed they ‘should go all out for Kane’ and that the England captain and Ronaldo would restore glory.

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